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Wider Horizons

whprogramInternational Fund For Ireland</a> Wider Horizons Program promotes personal, economic, and social advancement and    encourages contact and reconciliation between nationalists and unionists throughout Ireland. It does this by assisting groups of young people to travel to Pittsburgh to participate in an internship/conflict resolution program.

Each group is made up of representatives from Catholic and Protestant traditions in Northern Ireland and Ireland. To date the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh has provided the opportunity for over 1,000 young people to obtain job-training skills and conflict resolution training in Pittsburgh, making the IIP the largest overseas provider of Wider Horizons programs for the International Fund for Ireland.

WH Testimonials: What Our Pittsburgh Trainees Have to Say About the Ireland Institute’s Programs

Thanks to the Ireland Institute, I now know my employment prospects are higher.
I came to this program to widen my horizons. It has been a great benefit to me, as it showed me how to live and work with people from different traditions and beliefs.
I have no doubt that my internship experience in Pittsburgh was responsible for my entering the world of advertising. I am indebted to everyone who made it possible.
I lost my job in Ireland because I was unable to use the new computerized system the company introduced. With the training I received in Pittsburgh, I have found employment at home.
The Pittsburgh program provided me with opportunities for my personal development that were challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable.
I made some great and supportive friendships that continued after our return to Northern Ireland.