Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

Crucial to the Ireland Institute’s success over the past sixteen years has been its ability to develop close working relationships with the primary economic development agencies in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Networks and strategic alliances at all levels with these economic development communities have enabled the Institute to offer unique business and joint venture opportunities.

Fact Finding Business Delegations

The Ireland Institute recognizes that attracting business to Northern Ireland and Ireland represents an essential component in creating jobs in the region. In line with this, the Institute aggressively markets substantial and significant advantages to investing in Northern Ireland and Ireland, including access to a skilled well-motivated work force, competitive capital costs, funding and support services from governmental agencies and access to a European market. The Ireland Institute has promoted these business opportunities through organization and leadership of over one hundred visits for U.S. companies to Northern Ireland and Ireland, and reciprocal delegations for Irish companies and industry representatives visiting Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The two-way flow of ideas and opportunities enhances the economies of Southwestern Pennsylvania and Ireland, North and South.

White House Trade and Investment Conferences

The Ireland Institute played an active role in the 1995 White House sponsored conference to bring American and Northern Ireland business leaders together in Washington, DC. In 1996, the Ireland Institute successfully lobbied the US Commerce Department to bring over 800 business delegates to Pittsburgh to participate in the Trade and Investment Conference on Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland.

American Management and Business Internship Training Program – AMBIT

As a key U.S. player in promoting economic links between the United States, Northern Ireland and Ireland, the Ireland Institute has developed working relationships with both Federal and State agencies involved in promoting overseas economic development.

Following participation in the 1995 White House Conference on Investment in Northern Ireland, the Institute was invited by the U.S. Department of Commerce to participate in the American Management and Business Internship Training Program (AMBIT). This program is designed to provide an opportunity for individuals in management positions in Northern Ireland/Ireland companies to undertake internship opportunities with U.S. businesses operating in the same industrial sector.

Northern Ireland Department of Employment and Learning/FAS Training & Employment Authority of Ireland

Through its close working relationship with the Northern Ireland Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) and Foras Áiseanna Saothair (FÁS), the Training & Employment Authority of Ireland the Ireland Institute has developed and managed specific sector-based job training programs that have provided work experiences in major Pittsburgh companies. Trainees are introduced to technology and employment practices not available at home. This training strongly enhances their employment opportunities on their return to Northern Ireland and Ireland.

For more information on these and other business initiatives, please email James Lamb at

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