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Legendary Singer-Songwriter and Peace Activist

Tommy Sands

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"The Music of Healing" is a peace education program initiated by Tommy Sands, the world renowned folksinger and peace activist from Northern Ireland, whose mission is to promote coalition building, community problem solving and conflict resolution through our creativity for empowerment workshops using music and the arts for peace building and positive social change in the Middle East and other areas of conflict. Our program of creating Citizens' Assemblies to provide a safe environment for peaceful dialogue and discussions on identifying common values and goals of a diverse community, coupled with our "Concerts for Peace" with musicians from Northern Ireland and all parties involved in the conflict area, creates an atmosphere of empowerment for creative solutions to emerge in the peacemaking process. Our team from Northern Ireland shares lessons learned and best practices developed through our work with both adult stakeholders and our award-winning programs bringing Catholic and Protestant schoolchildren together weekly for classes in story-telling, songwriting, music performance and production and the visual arts since 1998, with the goal to create music and arts programs for Israeli and Palestinian young people in the Middle East, and in other areas of conflict in the future.

The Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh is proud to support Tommy's important work toward reconciliation, in Ireland and in places across the world where conflict has bred despair.

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