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The Ireland Institute’s Host Family program is designed to provide the Institute’s Irish and British participants with an opportunity to learn about American family life.  The participants welcome the opportunity to interact with families and become familiar with American customs and culture.  Participating families have the unforgettable experience of learning first-hand about the new Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Host Family Criteria:

  • Committed to the IIP mission of peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and economic development in Ireland. 
  • Known and recommended by a member of the Host Family Association, Ireland Institute Board, staff or associates. 
  • Willing and able to:

    > Provide a private bedroom for one young person 

    > Provide meals daily per household routine 

    > Assist in orientation to public transportation

    > Facilitate some social activities
  • Willing to support the Host Family Association’s social/network activities 

Host Family Association:

The purpose of the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh’s Host Family Association is to identify families who are committed to the  mission of the Ireland Institute and are able to provide room and board to participants from Northern Ireland and Ireland.

All host families are recruited from the Western Pennsylvania area. 

The Host Family Association is also designed to serve as a network organization and on occasion arrange for social events to promote the work of both the Host Family Association and the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh. 

Host Family Initiation Process:

  • Discuss it with your family 
  • Complete the host family application
  • Attend an orientation session and meet with other host families
  • Invite Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh staff to your home for interview
  • Expect accommodation requests, as needed, by Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh staff
  • Review the participant profiles
  • Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh staff will coordinate all Host Family placements.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh Associate Director Robert Tierney by phone at (412)394-3900  or by email at

Wider Horizons Host Family Information Form

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