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Walsh Visa former participants testimonialsDebbie

“I’ve grown up a lot. My attitudes have changed. I don’t think I could go back home and live the way I was living, with no job”.
Debbie Dempster, Group 7, June 2001

 Ritchie Hunt
“I have been to 4 or 5 states and I would honestly rank this as the friendliest. It’s not too big, on the scale of New York, but at the same time it’s not too small”.
Ritchie Hunt, Group 10, March 2002

“I have done something over here that I would never have done at home, sat down with someone from the other side [of the political divide]. I would have been solidly on one side, but have now moved more towards the middle”
Colin Shields, Group 12, July 2002

 “I attended [the Personal & Professional Development session] ‘Other Peoples Footsteps’ with visitors from Uganda, Japan, Burma, South Korea and Haiti. I related with a lot of their reasons for coming to the USA and wanting to return home. Most of them came from countries that have an unstable political structure, which like Northern Ireland, has a push/ pull affect on young people”.
Mark Duffy, Group 16, September 2003

 “There is so much to see here, clubs, bars – but also other things you would not see back home; Historical Societies and American Sports. Going to a Baseball game for the first time is very, very exciting and very different”.
 Brian O’Neill, Group 6, May 2001


“Pittsburgh opens your eyes to how big the world really is and how small our country is.  We are still scrapping over things that happened way, way, way back. Why?”
Shea McLoughlin, Group 6, May 2001 

Josephine Duffy

“Pittsburgh is a great place to meet people from diverse backgrounds. I have learned how to improve my work ethic and have become more understanding of others.” 
Josephine Duffy, Group 16, September 2003

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