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Alwyn Mc Combe
Date Added: 17/10/2006

Even thouigh it has been nearly 5 years since l was in Pittsburgh with The Institute its never far from my thoughts. Watching the Steelers on Sunday evening took me back 5 yrs to when i was there on the program...great memories that i think of so fondly,great city,great people and overall just a magnificent experience i feel so priviliged to have been a part of......looking forward to going back in the not so distant future........long may the Irish Institute of Pittsburgh continue..i know it changed my life for the beeter..........Alwyn "AULLY" Mc Combe

Stephen Docherty
Date Added: 23/01/2006

(Group 10)
Just a quick note to say hello, and thank you for a completely unique, and life changing experience; in being a participant on the Walsh Visa Program.
These words seem completely inept, when compared with all that I've learned, and lived through, whilst living in Pittsburgh for 24 months of my little life.
I wish you all the happiness in this world, and look forward to seeing you guys again, sometime soon.
Take care, and god bless.


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