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Vol. VIII, Issue 9


September 2010



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A Message from our President James J. Lamb

In rare moments of clarity, I realize that achievement in school, at work, in service to a community, on your team, or in your personal life is driven by a few very simple principles.  We all heard about the best-selling novel, turned movie, “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I didn’t read it or see it, but it sure spells out a basic mantra for a happy life.


Here at the Ireland Institute I find that our  best collective efforts are realized when we regularly reflect on our mission, the work of our founders and predecessors, and the factors that have led to our success.  More importantly, these reflections should help us learn from our mistakes.  And when we take time to fully appreciate the extent of our work, the impact we’ve made in Ireland, and in the lives of the young people and their families, we come to embrace those memories with further commitment to carry on the good work we set out to do twenty years ago.


This month we are remembering and reflecting on our late great founder, Sister Michele O’Leary.  September 10th marked the fifth anniversary of Michele’s passing.  For those of you who didn’t know Michele, I will tell you that she was an inspiration to a lot of people in Ireland, North and South, and in Pittsburgh.  Of course I remain humbled and honored to carry on the mission she started here over 20 years ago.  Please keep her in your prayers. 


And while the mission has remained the same—“….promoting peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and regeneration on the island of Ireland…”—the activities we undertake have diversified.  Yes, we still bring young people from Ireland’s most disadvantaged communities, Protestant and Catholic, North and South, and encourage new learning, new job skills, and new perspectives around common ground, diversity, and personal development.  We take time to reflect on the innumerable successes and ever-changing challenges of these programs.  And our commitment to this underserved population is strengthened by the unshakeable truth that these programs actually work!  

And nowadays, with the undeniable improvements toward civil society in Northern Ireland, we are moving forward, looking to create a new relationship with Ireland that focuses on economic development, transatlantic partnership, business, trade, and investment, cultural exchange, and related programs. 

The Carbon Zero Northern Ireland Program currently has eight graduate engineers here in Pittsburgh getting valuable job experience with companies developing or deploying sustainable technologies as they relate to alternative energy, green buildings, environmental conservation, etc.  Our partners at South West College, Dungannon, have led an innovative approach to identify some of Northern Ireland’s brightest young minds to absorb the many GREEN initiatives for which Pittsburgh has become famous.  It is envisaged that Northern Ireland will steadily grow its sustainable technologies sector and these young men and women will have important roles to play as Northern Ireland creates its own center of excellence in this emerging field.  And Pittsburgh will continue to have a role, providing more internships, encouraging trade with Ireland, and promoting opportunities for local students and graduates to train in Ireland—a true cultural and educational exchange.

Many other initiatives are underway at the Institute as part of our commitment moving forward. 

Our visa programs allow Irish young people to live and work in Pittsburgh for up to one year.  We offer internships and training in all professions (Business, Science and Engineering, Education, the Arts, Social Services, Hospitality and Tourism, and other fields).  Our on-line Irish Language class is busting at the seams, with over 40 students, mostly in Pittsburgh, enrolled in our Level I course, and another 10 now enrolled in Level II.  We are currently recruiting legal professionals interested in gaining their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits through a course we will offer in Ireland next June. 

On many levels, Ireland, North and South, and Pittsburgh are once again enjoying each other’s attention.   It is my privilege to be a part of this ever-evolving somewhat complex relationship, made simpler when I reflect, embrace, and move forward. 

Stay tuned!  And Thanks for continuing to support our good work.




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As the numbers of bomb attacks in Northern Ireland continues to rise the MI5, and security and military sources, have warned that former Provisional IRA bomb makers have joined dissident republicans.

The head of MI5 revealed that the group has dealt with "more life-threatening investigations” in Northern Ireland that in the rest of the United Kingdom, so much so that they have increased their presence in the North by 33 percent.

In the first eight months of 2010 there were 49 bombings in Northern Ireland. This is to be compared to 22 incidents during the whole of 2009. Also many of the bombs used in the 2009 did not display the level of expertise and sophistication shown in the 2010 bombs.

Next month Bill Clinton will travel to Northern Ireland on a fact finding mission to monitor the fraying security situation.

Jonathan Evans, the director general of MI5, who told the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee: "What was not anticipated ... was the way in which the situation in Northern Ireland had deteriorated. The Service had considerably more what we would call priority, that is life-threatening, investigations in Northern Ireland than we do in the rest of Great Britain."

Last month it was claimed that dissident groups were making plans for an attack on mainland Britain with the Conservative Party conference taking place in Birmingham.

Patrick Mercer, former chairman of the Commons Sub-committee on Counter-Terrorism, said "There are three groups which are planning to do something to catapult themselves into the headlines before the party conference season. They wish to kill ... They have an aspiration to attack targets on the mainland, including the Conservative Party conference."

Yesterday Mr. Mercer said that the dissident groups may have obtained the explosives from the Balkans. He added: "What appears to have happened is that hard-line republicans who could never be brought to the negotiating table had been sitting on their hands for the last 10 years waiting for the moment to rejoin their war."

A member of Oglaigh Na hEireann said, during an interview with the Irish News, "There are members of our organization who came from within the ranks of the IRA and had sat back and given Sinn Fein breathing space to make the [Good Friday] Agreement work and achieve their goals. That didn't happen.

"Before we embarked on a campaign we set about acquiring arms and explosives. As the recent upsurge shows, we have the material required to carry out the campaign we have envisaged. It's OK for people to say we don't have the capability. A year ago they said we couldn't even detonate a bomb."


Ireland is sending its largest ever shipment of humanitarian aid to flood-stricken Pakistan.

The shipment, comprising 98 tons of equipment, including shelters and water, will be airlifted into the country by jet over the coming days and distributed to the Irish aid agencies Concern, Trócaire, Goal and Plan Ireland.

The consignment is large enough to provide supplies for up to 33,000 people.

Minister of State for Overseas Development Peter Power said the aid was badly needed.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has warned that tens of thousands of children risk death from malnutrition as flood waters threaten to engulf two towns in southern Pakistan a month after the disaster began.

The floods are Pakistan's worst-ever natural disaster in terms of the amount of damage and the number of people affected, with more than six million people forced from their homes, about a million of them in the last few days as the water flows south.

The disaster has killed about 1,600 people, inflicted billions of dollars of damage to homes, infrastructure and the vital agriculture sector and stirred anger against the government which has struggled to cope.

Floodwaters are beginning to recede across most of the country as the water flows downstream, but high tides in the Arabian Sea mean they still pose a threat to towns in Sindh province such as Thatta, 70km east of Karachi.

Water broke the banks of the Indus near Thatta and also broke out of a feeder canal running off the river, compounding the danger, Riaz Ahmed Soomro, relief commissioner in the southern province of Sindh, told Reuters.

Tens of thousands of people have poured out of the delta town, which normally has a population of about 300,000, after authorities told people to leave.

The floods began in late July after torrential monsoon downpours over the upper Indus basin.

The floods have damaged at least 3.2 million hectares - about 14% of Pakistan's entire cultivated land - according to the United Nation's food agency.

The total cost in crop damages is believed to be about $2.86 billion (€2.25bn).

Authorities have been battling for days to save the town of Shahdadkot in northern Sindh's rice-growing belt, raising an embankment several kilometres long as the water has crept higher.

The United Nations said aid workers were becoming increasingly worried about disease and hunger, especially among children in areas where even before the disaster, acute malnutrition was high.


Tourism chiefs in Northern Ireland have hit back after Australians were advised by their government to beware of the dissident republican threat.

Travelers from Australia have been warned to be alert to their security.

Earlier this year police said the danger from dissidents was at its highest since the 1998 Real IRA Omagh blast, which killed 29 people.

There have been a series of failed bomb attacks on members of the security forces and one in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, this month in which three children were injured.

A Northern Ireland Tourist Board spokeswoman said recent years had showed a huge increase in the number of visitors to Northern Ireland and the vast majority see the country as a safe and secure destination.

'Those who come here enjoy our rich heritage and stunning scenery and they see for themselves a new and optimistic destination. This is by far the experience of the majority of our visitors,' she said.

'Visitors can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome when they visit, and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, together with its industry partners, views tourism as central to the future economic growth of Northern Ireland.'

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has warned citizens of bomb attacks aimed at police and military targets and said they should avoid demonstrations.

It said: 'We advise you to be alert to your own security in Ireland.'

Northern Ireland Tourism Minister Arlene Foster said she would be raising the matter with the Foreign Office in London.

The SDLP leader and South Down MP Margaret Ritchie said the decision to issue travel advice to its citizens was an overreaction.

She said the stated aim of dissident republicans was to destabilize the peace process and it played into the hands of dissidents.

She said she would write to the Ambassador in Dublin and High Commissioner in London to invite them to Northern Ireland in order to tell them that it was very much open for business.

'The dissidents are the enemies of peace, enemies of reconciliation and the enemies of prosperity in Ireland and they must be stopped.

'As I have said in the past the unequivocal rejection of their actions by our community combined with accountable and intelligence-led policing by the PSNI is the most effective way of combating their sinister and potentially deadly activities.

'In the current economic climate we must do everything in our power to promote the North and the wider island as a tourist destination', she added.

Chief executive of Tourism Ireland Niall Gibbons said: 'We will be taking the matter up with the ambassador in Dublin.

'It does not reflect a lot of hard work done on the ground to improve the perception of Northern Ireland as a tourist destination.

'Australia is a very important destination for us as they tend to stay longer and travel more to Northern Ireland than many other nationalities, it is important that we keep the foot on the pedal.'



A major security operation was put in place for the main Apprentice Boys' parade in Derry.

About 15,000 people and 140 bands took part in the main march.

Local members of the Apprentice Boys also took part in a march in the city center this morning past the Diamond where they placed a wreath at the cenotaph before attending a service at St Columb's Cathedral.

Stormont Justice Minister David Ford and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin are among those who have appealed for calm.

Concerns had centered on a protest planned by dissident republicans in Derry that was to coincide with the parade.

It was linked to a dispute between dissident inmates and officials in Maghaberry Prison.

But the protest was cancelled after a deal was brokered earlier in the week to end the jail dispute.

A second parade in the Ardoyne area of Belfast passed off without incident earlier today.

Around 30 members of the Apprentice Boys of Derry - accompanied by a band - walked past the Ardoyne shops area where there was a large police presence.

There was a protest by local residents, but no trouble.

Sinn Féin Assembly member and junior minister Gerry Kelly attended the protest and welcomed the fact that there was no repeat of the violence seen last month.

He also called for talks to broker a long term solution to parades disputes.

Up to 30 stewards from the Crumlin Ardoyne Residents' Association monitored the protest.

Mr Kelly held talks with a small group of around a dozen people linked to a separate nationalist residents' group, Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective after some of them had shouted abuse at police and at CARA members.

In July members of the GARC were removed from the same parade route by police after staging a sit down protest before the Orange Order march.

The small GARC group present this morning led by Martin Óg Meehan agreed to join the 60- to 80-strong protest by CARA.

Large numbers of police and two water cannon were held in reserve in the event of trouble, but a relatively low-key presence between protestors and marchers was enough to oversee this morning's events.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams commended nationalist residents in the Ardoyne area for the discipline he said they had demonstrated this morning as the feeder parade passed.

He said he hoped the peaceful scenes this morning continued and he appealed to people to take their example from the behavior of the community in north Belfast.

Eighty PSNI officers were injured in disturbances in the Ardoyne area over the 12 July marching period.








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On August 1st 2010, Eoin McNamara, William Kerwin, and Mark Leonard embarked on a 2-month cycle across the USA. The trio are in the midst of their cycle coast-to-coast from Seattle to Washington D.C. in order to raise funds for and increase awareness of the Irish Cancer Society and the Livestrong Foundation.

Mark, Eoin and William, along with two support drivers, will be incurring the cost of the cycle out of their own pockets and all money raised will go directly to charity. No money donated will be used as part of the cost of the cycle.

The Cause
There are few families in the world that have not been touched by cancer; Mark, Eoin and William's are no different. Mark lost his father to the disease in August 2006 and also lost two of his aunts. The mother of Eoin's girlfriend passed away in August 2008. These tragedies have spurred the trio to embark on the Cycle of America 2010, a grueling 6,000 kilometer cycle across the U.S.

The onset of the global recession gave a considerable blow to charities everywhere, most of which saw a sharp drop in donations. The Cycle of America 2010 team aims to do their bit in generating donations for two: the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) and Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation (based in the U.S.). All donations will go specifically towards patient care and support services, the latter of which involves counseling for patients, family members and significant others.

Although it will be a struggle, the team hopes that its efforts will raise awareness of the charities in question and will remind people that it's always worthwhile going to a doctor or G.P. for a check-up.

Total Combined Fundraising Goal: €20,000 $30,000
Total Raised to Date: €24,170/$31,601 

Although the team is Irish, but they will be cycling across the United States. As such, they have chosen to support cancer charities from both countries: the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) and American cyclist Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation. 


Taoiseach Brian Cowen has been listed as one of the top ten leaders in the world by Newsweek magazine.

In its piece 'Go to the top of the class' the magazine says Mr. Cowen is 'The Fiscal Taskmaster'.

It says that despite Ireland's 'once roaring economy' being 'staggered by the banking crisis'; unemployment at 13%; rising emigration; and the money markets ranking the Irish economy 'not far behind Greece on the list of Europe's big-time losers', Mr. Cowen and 'his able finance minister Brian Lenihan are prescribing harsh medicine'.

The article, by reporter Christopher Dickey, says that the Government has 'pushed through austerity packages drastic enough to win the admiration of the international community, raised taxes, and slashed some public salaries by more than 10%.'

However, according to the report 'the Irish aren't showing much gratitude' as Mr. Cowen's popularity rating has 'plunged to a mere 18%'.

Despite this, the report says, 'there's some hope that his (Mr. Cowen) government's unpopular measures will be rewarded in the long run' as surveys suggest that Irish consumer confidence is on the rise again, and 'the economy notched up modest growth in the first quarter of 2010'.

Other world leaders included on the top ten list are the UK's David Cameron, France's Nicolas Sarkozy, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Liberia's Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.


Management at Belfast City Airport have said they are disappointed at the decision by Ryanair to close its base, and stop using the airport from the end of October.

The airline blamed delays in the planning process over proposals to extend the airport's runway for the decision.

Belfast City Airport Director Katy Best said that because of demand, she was confident that other airlines could be attracted to fill the routes that Ryanair would no longer operate.

Ryanair claims its decision to close its base at Belfast City Airport will result in the loss of 1m passengers.

The airline also said 50 jobs would be lost as would up to 1,000 support roles in and around the airport.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said the decision was made following confirmation that a public inquiry into a planned runway extension would face further delays.

Ryanair currently carries 800,000 passengers a year from Belfast to five destinations in the UK.

Mr. O'Leary said that if permission for the runway extension was granted in the future, Ryanair would return.

The airline has supported the George Best Belfast City Airport's bid to secure a runway extension at its site in the east of the city.

It has been running on a reduced passenger load since its operations were established in October 2007.

There are also restrictions on night-time flying.

A public inquiry was launched into the runway extension after opposition from local residents. It was suspended earlier this summer.


Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has become the first Fianna Fáil Cabinet member to deliver an address at the annual commemoration of the death of Michael Collins in west Cork this afternoon.

Traditionally a Fine Gael event, he told the gathering that the spirit of Collins is the spirit of our nation and it must continue to inspire all in public life, irrespective of party or tradition.

He described the invitation to speak at Beal na Blá as both generous and unexpected saying that if today's commemoration can be seen as a further public act of historical reconciliation, at one of Irish history's sacred places, then he will be proud to have played his part.

And he pondered what might have been if Collins had lived - would the party he, Brian Lenihan, belongs to have been pre-empted by the party Collins would have created?

He also referred to Collins role as Minister for Finance between 1919 and 1922 saying here was a man at constant risk of arrest and death, running a ruthless guerrilla war and masterminding the highly efficient intelligence system which secured its success. Yet he still had the time to build the foundations of a system of financial control.

Mr Lenihan added that while there is no substantive connection between the economic and financial position the country faces today, and the challenge faced by Collins, he is comforted by the essential resilience of the country, of the political and administrative system and above all, of the Irish people.

Devastating though the effects of the crisis have been on the lives of so many citizens, he said he remains convinced the country has the ability to overcome its present difficulties.

Michael Collins was shot dead in a gun battle 88 years ago today at Béal na Blá.

He was the leader of the Free State Army which was engaged in a civil war with anti-Treaty forces at the time of his death.

The Chairman of the Béal na Blá organizing committee, Councilor Dermot Collins, said it was time the oration was delivered by someone senior in Fianna Fáil.

However, the decision has faced some opposition, including that of Young Fine Gael, which planned to boycott this year's event.

It says it is not against the speech being given by people not associated with Fine Gael, but it opposes Mr. Lenihan's presence whose policies, it says, has put the economy at risk.


One of Ireland's best known actors, Mick Lally, has died at the age of 64.

He passed away peacefully this morning after a short stay in hospital.

Born in Tourmakeady, Co Mayo, Lally began his career as a teacher and secured a part in the premiere of Brian Friel's play Translations in 1980 while a member of the Field Day Theatre Company.

Along with Garry Hynes and Marie Mullen, Lally was a founder member of the Druid Theatre Company, which worked closely with many Irish playwrights.

His work on television in the RTÉ series Bracken and later his role as Miley in Glenroe made him a household name.

He also starred in the BBC television series, Ballykissangel, and in the award-winning Ballroom of Romance.

Lally's versatility as an actor extended to the cinema where he appeared in Irish language films. He was a fluent Irish speaker and an advocate of the language.

He also starred in Hollywood-funded films including Alexander, directed by Oliver Stone, and provided the voice in the animated film The Secret of Kells.

Mick Lally is survived by his wife Peggy and their children Saileog, Darach and Maghnus.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen has led the tributes, saying he was 'shocked and saddened' by Mick Lally's death.

'He was one of the most loved actors of his generation and will be dearly missed by the public and his colleagues in theatre and television.

'Versatile in both the Irish and English languages, his genius at capturing and portraying the essence of the characters he played brought him wide popular and critical acclaim.'

Minister for Culture Mary Hanafin also paid tribute, saying his contribution to the theatrical world had been immense.

'Whether he was voicing Keane, Synge or indeed Burrows, his was a distinctive, inimitable contribution to our stage and screen craft.

Michael D Higgins TD, former Minister for Arts, Culture & Gaeltacht, said Mick Lally made a set of ground breaking contributions to Irish theatre on stage, television and radio.

'He was a consistent supporter of causes where rights were at stake, a native Irish speaker and he was at the forefront of development of the Irish language in an open and generous way.

'A supporter of socialist causes, he had courage and consistency in his idealism.'

Pat Moylan, Chair of the Arts Council, said it was 'a sad and shocking loss'.

'While Mick will always be best known and fondly remembered as Miley from 'Glenroe', the theatre community will also be mourning the loss of a talented and dedicated professional who worked in all the major theatres in the country.

'He was a talented actor and a gentleman, and his loss will be felt by those both outside and within the wider arts community.'






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On Sunday, September 5th, Tipperary won the All-Ireland Hurling Final against Kilkenny, who had been going for their 5th consecutive win.  Then on September 19th the All-Ireland Senior Football Finals took place at Croke Park, Dublin with Cork triumphing over Down in the second half of the match.





Cork produced a second-half comeback to edge out Down by a point in a thrilling All-Ireland football final.  The Rebels missed early goal chances but Down settled to take a 0-7 to 0-2 lead although Cork reduced the margin to 0-8 to 0-5 at half-time. Down then led 0-9 to 0-5 and 0-10 to 0-7 but Cork hit seven of the next eight scores to lead 0-14 to 0-11.  The Ulster side notched the last two scores but Cork held on to earn a win that they just about deserved.  The Rebel County clinched their first All-Ireland Senior Football title in 20 years. 




The 2010 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final was the 113th All-Ireland Final and the culmination of the 2010 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, an inter-county hurling tournament for the top teams in Ireland. The match was held at Croke Park, Dublin, on 5 September 2010 and was a repeat of the 2009 final with Kilkenny taking on Tipperary. Kilkenny were attempting to win a fifth All-Ireland title in-a-row, a feat never achieved in either hurling or Gaelic football. This has been referred to as the "Drive for Five".  Kilkenny were Leinster champions, having beaten Dublin and Galway to earn that title. They beat Cork in the semi-final on 8 August 2010. Tipperary lost to Cork in the first round of the Munster championship and went into the All Ireland Qualifiers, where they beat Wexford, Offaly and Galway, before beating Waterford in their semi-final on 15 August 2010.  Kilkenny beat Clare in the minor final which was played before the senior final on 5 September 2010.  In the end, Tipperary wrecked Kilkenny's five-in-a-row ambitions as they deservedly won Sunday's All-Ireland Hurling Final.



If you are interested in becoming a Host Family for the Wider Horizons Program in 2010, please contact Robert Tierney at or phone (412) 394-3900.





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September 26th

The 3rd Annual Irish Heritage Classic @ Pittsburgh National Golf Club, 287 Monier Road, Gibsonia, PA.  Information: Patrick Regan 412-359-9798 or Bob Parry 724-933-0427.  Proceeds benefit the Tuition Assistance Fund, sponsored by AOH Division 4 in North Hills.  Event includes: Golf, Light Lunch, Buffet Dinner, Awards & Entertainment by Cue Ball, Irish & Blues Music.


September 26th

Pittsburgh Pucas Hurling Team vs. Akron, Ohio. Saturday, September 25th @ 3:00pm. Location: McKinney Fields (North Park)


September 30th

Pittsburgh Public Theatre presents "The Royal Family" at the O'Reilly Theater, downtown in the Cultural Districkt. or 412-316-1600. A George S. Kaufman and Enda Ferber Comedy, staring Helena Ruoti as Julie.


October 2nd

Pittsburgh Ceili Club at is sponsoring their monthly Ceili at the VFW in Morningside on Morningside Ave., Worshop @ 7:00pm, Ceili @ 8:00pm


October 7th - 10th

Knights of Equity and Daughters of Erin will sponsor their Annual Convention in Pittsburgh.  


October 9th

Pittsburgh Pucas Hurling Team @ Akron, Ohio


October 21st

"Belfast Boys, Uniting a Divided City During World War I" by Dr. Richard Grayson, University of London.  Annual History Forum Lecture at Power Center Ballroom, Dusquesne University, 7:30pm, Free and Open to the Public.  Information 412-396-6470 or visit


October 23rd

"The Donahue Fleadh" in McMechen WV on Route 2, one hour from Pittsburgh.  Entertainment includes: Ballad Singer, Terry Griffith, Gallowglass from WV, and Celtic Rock with Red Hand Paddy, and more TBA.  This is Year #1 for this new Irish Festival.  Information: Brendan Lyman 304-559-7707. More details to come!


November 1st

Samhain-Celtic New Year Celebration at Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle in the Strip District. Doors open at 4pm with a $15 donation that benefits the Echos of Erin radio station.  Features music by Jack Puskar, Christopher Laughrey, Terry Griffith, and GallowGlass. Cash Bar, Free appetizers, Costume Contest and Raffle. Call 412-781-6368 for more information.


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Paddy's Pour House located on Main Street in Carnegie, PA hosts live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night starting at 9:00 p.m.  Tuesday nights, come for Irish Night: Guinness, Smithwick's, and Half and Half specials 8-12 p.m.  For more information, visit their website or call (412) 279-0770.


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